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Empowering Mental Wellness for Survivors of Natural Disasters

Our Mission.

The Never Stop Giving Project is unwavering in its dedication to supporting the mental well-being of those hit hardest by the forces of nature, such as the devastating Maui Wildfires. We recognize the unique emotional aftershocks that accompany such events and are driven to offer tailored resources for recovery. Central to our mission is the conviction that every survivor, regardless of background or challenges, deserves access to tools that can rejuvenate their mental well-being in the wake of nature's upheavals.

Who We Champion.

While our arms are open wide to a diverse array of individuals in need, our hearts beat strongest for those who've faced trauma on many fronts, such as:

Survivors of natural calamities like wildfires, floods, and hurricanes

Veterans who have faced the ferocity of combat

Selfless first responders who've braved nature's harshest challenges

And others, including resilient foster youth, the aging population, those battling addiction, and marginalized individuals in underserved areas

For those impacted by the brutal side of Mother Nature,

we strive to provide a solid foundation for mental recovery and growth.

Our Three-Pillar Approach.

We've meticulously designed a three-pronged approach to aid the healing process:

Mental Wellness Journals.

Complimentary, science-backed journals tailored to address the trauma stemming from natural disasters. Through structured prompts and exercises, these journals guide survivors toward understanding, acceptance, and resilience.

Supportive Volunteer-Led Groups.

Small, intimate groups where individuals, led by dedicated, trained volunteers, come together to navigate their recovery journeys, using the journals as a roadmap. Shared experiences, collective healing.

Instant Text-Based Support.

Recognizing that trauma knows no schedule, we offer text-based support by trauma-informed specialists. This provides survivors with an immediate, understanding touchpoint anytime they need it.

At the heart of the Never Stop Giving Project.

Is an earnest drive to guide individuals to embrace practices that counteract stress, forge powerful, supportive connections, and rediscover hope and purpose after nature's trials. With our journals, support groups, and digital assistance, we offer a beacon of light in challenging times.

Support out Nonprofit.

Together, we can create a society where mental health support is accessible to all, regardless of their circumstances

Join us in our mission to provide mental health journals, digital apps, and impactful programs to those who need them the most. Together, we can inspire healing, promote resilience, and make a lasting impact on the lives of individuals and communities.